Yarn Advent Calendar | 13 Days


The theme for this year’s advent calendar is Wanderlust.  After more than a year of pandemic, I know that we are all itching to get out and travel again, which is why I chose this theme.  Each day/skein will be inspired by a travel photo and will include a few travel tips for that specific area.  All travel photos have been carefully selected to ensure a cohesive color palette for the entire advent.  To enhance the experience, there will also be some regionally inspired goodies to match certain locations.

I wanted to offer this package as a budget-friendly option.  This package is intended to be started on the 13th of December.  The mini skeins should be opened individually from December 13th-December 24th so the colorways of both versions of the advent will be revealed at the same time.  The skeins will be individually packaged and labeled with the order and date that they should be opened.

This package includes:
-12 | 20g Mini Skeins (6 Variegated | 6 Tonals)
-1 | 100g Skein (Variegated)
-A pair of custom clay stitch markers by Tera Clay to match the theme.
-Accessories from Studio Woord en Draad.
-Additional (yummy) goodies to match the theme.

100g Skein | Classic Sock
-75% Superwash Merino Wool & 25% Nylon
-100g | 425m | 2 Ply High Twist

Mini Skeins | Classic Sock
-75% Superwash Merino Wool & 25% Nylon
-20g | 85m | 2 Ply High Twist
-12 skeins x 85m = 1020m

This advent is a pre-order.  Non-EU orders will be shipped out in October and orders within the EU will be shipped out in November.  This ensures that all orders will arrive with plenty of time before December 1st.  All skeins will be individually wrapped and numbered so that everyone will open the same colorway on the same day.  If you order anything at the same time as your advent then it will be shipped along with your advent in October/November. Unfortunately, coupon codes cannot be used to purchase advents and because supplies will be purchased immediately advents are also non-refundable.

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